Horse Racing Glossary – Horse Racing Phrases and Definitions

Throughout the board – a guess on a horse to win, place, and present. The minimal guess is $6 as a result of three wagers ($2 to win, $2 to put, $2 to indicate) are being positioned. If the horse wins, the bettor receives win, place, and present payouts. If the horse finishes second, the bettor receives place and present payouts, and if the horse finishes third, the bettor receives the present payout.

Allowance Race- an occasion aside from claiming for which the racing secretary drafts sure situations.

Allowances- weights and different situations of a race.

Additionally-eligible – a horse formally entered however not permitted to start out until the sphere is decreased by scratches under a specified quantity.

Apprentice Allowance – weight concession to an apprentice rider. This varies amongst states from 5 to 10 kilos. Slang time period is “bug.” Indicated by an asterisk subsequent to the jockey’s identify in this system.

Child race – a race for two-year-olds.

Bottom – a racetrack’s barn or steady space.

Backstretch – the straight a part of the observe on the far facet between turns; slang time period to explain the barn or steady space.

Bandage – strips of fabric wound across the decrease a part of horses’ legs for assist or safety towards damage.

Bar shoe – a horseshoe closed on the again to assist assist the frog and heel of the hoof. Typically worn by horses with quarter cracks or bruised toes.

Bay – a horse’s coat shade starting from tan to auburn. The mane and tail are all the time black as are the decrease portion of the legs (black factors), apart from any white markings.

Beyer Velocity Determine – a handicapping software, developed by sports activities author Andy Beyer of the Washington Publish, assigning a numerical worth to every race run by a horse based mostly on last time and observe situation.

Bleeder – a horse that bleeds from the lungs after or throughout a work-out or race.

Blinkers – machine to restrict a horse’s imaginative and prescient to stop him from swerving from objects, others horses, and so forth.’ on both facet of him.

Board – the “tote” or totalizator board, which shows odds, betting swimming pools, and others race data.

Backside Line – the decrease half of a pedigree diagram, indicating the feminine facet of a horse’s bloodlines.

Bounce – a poor efficiency adopted by an exceptionally good one.

Field – a wagering time period denoting a guess through which all doable numeric combos are coated.

Breakage – at pari-mutuel betting tracks, the rounding off to a nickel or dime, as required by state legal guidelines, in paying off wining tickets. The breakage is often break up between the observe and the state in various proportions.

Bug Boy – an apprentice jockey.

Bullet – quickest exercise of the day at a selected distance.A bullet (*) precedes the work time in listings.

Butazolidin (Bute) – the commerce identify for phenylbutazone, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

Chalk – the wagering favourite in a race. The time period dates from the times when on-track bookmakers would write odds on a chalkboard.

Chestnut – a horse’s coat shade starting from golden to pink to chocolate (liver chestnut). Mane and tail are often the identical shade because the physique; additionally, a small, sexy progress on the within of a horse’ legs, simply above the knee on the forelegs and under the hocks on the hind legs.

Claiming Race – an occasion through which every horse entered is eligible to be bought at a set value.

Clerk of Scales – a racing official whose chief obligation is to weigh the riders earlier than and after a race to ensue correct weight is being carried.

Clocker – an individual on obligation throughout morning coaching hours to establish the horses throughout the exercises, time them, and report back to the general public their coaching actions. Some clockers work for the racetrack; others are employed by Equibase.

Clubhouse Flip – the primary flip previous the end line, the place the clubhouse is often positioned.

Colours – a horse proprietor’s racing silks, jacket, and cap, worn by jockeys to indicate the horse’s possession. All colours are completely different, and plenty of are registered with The Jockey Membership.

Colt – A male Thoroughbred horse (aside from gelding or ridgeling) that has not reached his fifth beginning date or has not been bred.

Commingle – combining mutuel swimming pools from off-track websites with the host observe.

Situation Ebook – a sequence of booklets issued by a racing secretary that lists the races to be run at a selected racetrack.

Conformation – the bodily look or qualities of a horse.

Managed Medicine – a time period extensively used to imply that some medication, primarily phenylbutazone and furosemide (see Lasix), are permissible underneath managed circumstances that enable veterinary administration of predetermined dosages at predetermined intervals previous to race time.

Coupled – tow or extra horses operating as a single betting unit. Also referred to as an entry.

Day by day Double – a kind of wager calling for the choice of the winners of two consecutive races, often the primary and second on the race card however will be any two consecutive races.

Dam – the feminine dad or mum of a horse.

Darkish bay or brown – a horse’s coat shade that ranges from brown with areas of tan on the shoulders, head, and flanks, to a darkish brown, with tan areas solely within the flanks and/or muzzle (nostril). The mane, tail and decrease legs are black.

Useless Warmth – tow or extra horses ending on even phrases.

Declared – a horse withdrawn from a stakes race prematurely of the scratch time on the day of the race.

Derby – a stakes race for three-year-olds.

Distaff – a race for feminine horses.

Canines – boundaries positioned on a observe away from the within rail to point that the within strip of the observe shouldn’t be for use throughout morning exercises to protect the floor. Exercises round theses boundaries are famous, and the occasions are correspondingly slower because of the longer distance added on the turns.

Dosage – a type of pedigree evaluation, popularized by Dr. Steven Roman, that has develop into primarily related to figuring out whether or not Kentucky Derby contenders can go a mile and 1 / 4. The system appears at patters of capability in horses based mostly on a listing of proponent sires, every of whom is named a chef-de-race. Every sire is put in one among 5 classes: sensible, intermediate, traditional, strong, {and professional}, which quantify pace and stamina.

Eighth – an eight of a mile; a furlong; 220 yards; 660 toes.

Entry – tow or extra hoses representing the identical proprietor and/or coach and operating collectively as a single betting entity. (See Coupled.)

Exacta – to win, a bettor should choose the horses that end first and second in precise order.

Exacta Field – a option to assure the result of the primary two finishers no matter which horse wins.

Unique Wager – additionally referred to as a mix wager; a wager that entails two or extra horses.

Far Flip – the flip or bend within the racetrack reverse the primary or club-house flip.

Quick (observe) – situation of the observe floor whereby the footing is dry, even, and resilient.

Area – mutuel area; a number of starters operating coupled as a single betting unit. Normally horses decided to have a small probability to win are grouped within the “area.” Additionally used as a time period for all of the horses in a race.

Agency (observe) – situation of turf course floor similar to a quick floor on the grime or principal observe.

First Flip – the bend of observe past place to begin. Also referred to as the clubhouse flip.

Flat Race – a contest on degree floor versus a hurdle race, a steeplechase, or a harness race.

Foul – an motion by a horse or a jockey that hinders or interferes with one other horse or jockey within the operating of a race.

Fractional time – intermediate occasions in a race, as on the quarter-mile, half-mile, three-quarters, and so forth.

Entrance-runner – a horse whose regular operating model is to get to the lead or close to the lead quickly after hate begin of the race and keep there so long as doable.

Full Brother (or sister) – horses which have the identical sire and dam.

Furlong – one-eighth of a mile; 220 yards; 660 toes.

Furosemide – a diuretic remedy usually used to deal with horses that undergo from train induced pulmonary hemorrhage (bleeding) at racetracks. Authorized to make use of underneath sure situations in most states. Generally referred to as by its former model identify, Lasix though the newer model identify is Salix.

Gelding – a male horse that has been castrated.

Good (observe) – situation of observe floor between quick and gradual as floor dries out.

Graded Stakes – a stakes race decided by the American Grades Stakes Committee to obtain a grade degree of I, II or III, relying on previous area high quality, amongst different elements. American races have been first graded in 1973.

Granddam – the grandmother of a horse.

Grandsire – the grandfather of a horse.

Grey – a hose’s coat shade that’s composed of a mix of black and whit hairs. Starting with foals of 1993, Th Jockey Membership classifies a grey horse as “grey/roan.”

Group Race – additionally is aware of as a patter races; the European equal of graded stakes.

Half trouble (sister) – horses which have the identical dam. Doesn’t apply to horses that share solely the identical sire.

Hand – 4 inches; unit used to measuring a horse’s peak from the bottom to the withers.

Handicap – a race through which the racing secretary determines the wight every horse will carry based on his evaluation of the horse’s capability relative to that of the opposite horses within the area. The higher the horse the extra wight he would carry to present every horse a theoretically equal probability of successful.

Handicapper – one who handicaps races, formally or privately; skilled who makes choices for publication. Additionally, identify given to the racing secretary who assigns weights for handicaps on the observe. Additionally, a heroes that often runs in handicap races.

Handicapping – the examine of all elements in previous performances to find out the relative qualities of horses in a race with the intention to place a guess. These elements embody distance, weight, observe situations, trainers, jockeys, breeding, and so forth.

Deal with (mutuel) – the sum of money guess on a race, a day by day card, or the entire quantity guess throughout the assembly, season, or 12 months at a observe.

Excessive weight – highest weight assigned or carried in a race.

Homebred – a horse bred by its proprietor.

Horse – any Thoroughbred no matter intercourse; particularly, a complete male, 5 years previous or older or any male that has been bred.

Inquiry – when observe stewards assessment a race to test for a foul or different infraction of the foundations of racing. Additionally, an indication flashed on the tote board on such events to alert bettors to carry their tickets till the race is made official.

Within the cash – when a horse finishes in first, second, or third.

Intertrack wagering – ITW; wagering on a simulcast race from one other observe.

Jockey – knowledgeable race rider.

The Jockey Membership – the official registry of the American Thoroughbred. Included in 1894 in New York Metropolis, The Jockey Membership maintains the American Stud Ebook, a register of all Thoroughbreds foaled within the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Jumper – a steeplechase or hurdle horse.

Juvenile – a two-year-old horse.

Key horse – a single horse utilized in a number of combos in an unique wager.

Lasix – the previous model identify for furosemide, a diuretic generally administered to racehorses. Denoted in packages by an “L”; new model identify is Salix.

Late double – a second day by day double supplied throughout the latter a part of the race card.

Lay-up – a racehorse despatched from the racetrack to a farm to coaching heart to recuperated from damage or sickness or to be rested.

Size – a measurement approximating the size of a horse from nostril to tail, about eight toes. Distance between horses in a race; calculated as one-fifth of a second by way of time.

Listed race – an ungraded stakes race.

Maiden – a racehorse of both intercourse that has by no means gained a race; a feminine horse that has by no means been bred. Additionally, a race classification open solely to horses which have by no means gained a race.

Mare – a feminine Thoroughbred 5 years previous or older, or youthful if she has been bred.

Medicine listing – a listing maintained by the observe’s veterinarian and revealed by the observe displaying which horses have been handled with legally prescribed drugs.

Minus pool – a mutuel pool cased when a horse is so closely guess that after deductions of state tax and fee, there may be not sufficient cash left to pay the legally prescribed minimal of every successful guess. The racetrack often makes up the distinction.

Morning line – odds quoted within the official program on the observe and are the chances at which betting opens.

Mudder – a horse that runs finest on a muddy or smooth observe.

Muddy (observe) – situation of observe floor that’s moist however has no standing water.

Mutuel pool – pari-mutuel pool; sum of the wagers on a race or occasion, such because the win pool, exacta pool, and so forth.

Mutuel window – a spot at a racetrack or different betting facility the place an individual goes to make a wager or to gather winnings.

Close to facet – left facet of a horse; a horse is mounted from this facet.

Oaks – a stakes occasion for 3 year-old fillies.

Objection – a declare of foul lodged by one jockey towards one other.

Odds-on – a payoff that may be lower than even cash.

Off facet – proper facet of a horse.

Off observe – a observe that’s not quick.

Official – an indication displayed when outcomes are confirmed. Or, a racing official.

Off the board – describes a horse that finishes worse than third.

Off-track betting – OTB; wagering at legalized betting retailers run by racetracks, corporations specializing in pari-mutuel betting, or, in New York State, by unbiased corporations chartered by the state. Wagers at OTB’s are often commingled with on-track betting swimming pools.

On the board – describes a horse that finishes first, second, or third.

Out of the cash – a horse that finishes worse than third.

Overlay – a horse whose odds ware higher than its potential to win.

In a single day – a sheet revealed by the racing secretary’s workplace itemizing the entries for an upcoming race card.

In a single day race – a race through which entries shut a selected variety of hours earlier than operating (ex: 48 hours), versus a stakes race for which nominations shut weeks or months prematurely.

Pacesetter – a horse that’s operating in entrance or on the lead.

Paddock – space the place horses are saddled and paraded earlier than a race.

Pari-mutuel – the type of wagering present in any respect US tracks at present through which odds are decided by the sum of money guess on every horse. In essence, bettors are competing towards one another not towards the observe, which acts as an agent, taking a fee on every guess to cowl purses, taxes and working bills.

Parlay – a multi-race guess through which winnings are subsequently guess on every succeeding race.

Half-wheel – utilizing a key heroes(s) in numerous, however not all doable, unique wagering combos.

Previous performances – a line-b-line itemizing of a horse’s race document, plus earnings, connections, bloodlines, and different pertinent data.

Patrol judges – officers who observe the progress of a race from varied vantage factors across the racing strip.

Pedigree – a written document of a Thoroughbreds household tree.

Phenylbutazone – a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory remedy authorized in sure quantities for racehorses in lots of states. Usually administered 24 to 48 hours earlier than race time. Additionally referred to as Bute or Butazolidin.

Photograph end – a consequence so shut that the stewards need to assessment the end line picture to find out the order of end.

Decide (quantity) – a kind of multi race wager through which the winners of designated races have to be picked. Ex: choose 3 or choose 6.

Positioned – ending second or third in a race. A stakes-placed horse is one which has completed second or third in a stakes however has not gained a stakes.

Place guess – a wager through which the bettor collects if the horse finishes first or second. Nevertheless, if the horse wins, the bettor receives solely the place payout.

Plater – a horse that runs in claiming races.

Factors of name – a horse’s place at varied areas on the race observe the place its operating place is famous on a chart. The areas fluctuate with the race distance and often correspond to the fractional occasions additionally famous on the chart.

Pole – markers positioned at measured distances across the observe and recognized by distance from the end line. Ex: The quarter pole is 1 / 4 of a mile from the end.

Pool – the entire cash guess on complete area to win, place, and present.

Publish parade – horses going from the paddock to the beginning gate (publish), parading previous the stands.

Publish place – a place within the beginning gate from which a horse breaks. Numbered from the rail outward.

Publish time – the designated time for a race to start out.

Prep – coaching; an occasion that precedes one other, extra vital, engagement.

Purse – a race for cash or different prize to which the homeowners don’t contribute.

Quinella – a wager through which the primary two finishers have to be picked in both order.

Rabbit – a pace horse operating as an entry with one other, often late-running horse. The rabbit is predicted to set a quick tempo to assist its stablemate’s probabilities.

Race-day remedy – remedy given on race day; most drugs, excluding Lasix, are prohibited in nearly all racing jurisdictions.

Racing secretary – an official who drafts situations for races, writes the situation guide, and often serves as handicapper.

Restricted race – a race restricted to sure starters both due to their homeland or their earlier winnings.

Roan – a horse’s coat shade that may be a combination of pink and white hairs or brown and white hairs. The Jockey Membership classifies this coat shade underneath the label “grey/roan.”

Route – when the pasterns of a horse hit the observe in a race or exercise, inflicting abrasions. Additionally a bandage to stop damage from operating down.

Saddle fabric – a fabric underneath the saddle on which the quantity denoting the horse’s publish place is displayed for races.

Scale of weights – mounted imposts to be carried by horses in a race decided based on age, intercourse, season and distance.

Scratch – to take away a horse from a race earlier than the race goes off.

Present – third place on the end

Present guess – a wager through which the bettor collects if his horse finishes first, second, or third, however he solely collects the present payout.

Silks – the jacket and cap worn by riders.

Simulcast – a dwell tv transmission of a race to different tracks, off-track betting services, or different retailers for wagering.

Sire – the daddy of a horse; a stallion that has produced a foal that has gained a race.

Sixteenth – one-sixteenth of a mile; a half-furlong; 110 yards; 330 toes.

Sloppy (observe) – a situation of observe floor through which it’s saturated with water and standing water is seen.

Gradual (observe) – situation of observe floor through which the floor and base are each moist.

Mushy (observe) – situation of the turf course with a considerable amount of moisture.

Sophomore- a three-year-old horse.

Sound – time period used to indicate a Thoroughbreds well being and freedom from illness or lameness.

Velocity Determine – a handicapping software used to assign a numerical worth to a horse’s efficiency. See Beyer pace determine.

Dash – a race distance of lower than one mile in Thoroughbred racing.

Stakes – the best class of race. A race through which an entry price is paid by the homeowners of the horses beginning and people entry charges are added to the purse; thus, a stakes is sometimes called an added-money race. Additionally, invitational races (no entry price required) with a big purse (often $50,000 or extra) are considered stakes races.

Stakes-placed – a horse that competes primarily in stakes race however that will not have truly gained a stakes.

Stallion – a complete male horse used for the aim of breeding.

Starter – a racing official answerable for the beginning gate. A horse that runs in a race.

Starter allowance – a selected sort of race written to permit claiming horses which have improved from their earlier type to run in a non-claiming occasion.

Starter handicap – the identical kind of race as a starter allowance besides that the horses are assigned weights by the handicapper fairly than figuring out them from allowance situations.

State-bed – a horse bred and/or foaled in a selected state in a way that meets all the factors set down down by state legislation and racing fee guidelines, and thus is eligible to compete in particular races.

Stayer – a horse that may run lengthy distances.

Stewards – racing officers who uphold the foundations of racing at a racetrack. They reply to the state racing fee, and their selections will be appealed to that physique.

Steeplechase – a race through which horses leap over a sequence of obstacles on a turf course.

Straight wager – w wager to win, place or present

Stretch runner – a horse that runs its quickest nearing the end of a race.

Superfecta – a wager through which the bettor should choose the primary 4 finishers in a race in precise order.

Takeout (take) – fee deducted from mutuel swimming pools that’s shared by the observe, horsemen, and the state.

Thoroughbred – a particular breed of horse used for flat and steeplechase racing.

Tongue-tie – a strap or tape bandage used to tie down a horse’s tongue to stop it from choking him in a race or exercise.

High line – a Thoroughbreds breeding on the sire’s facet (sire line). Additionally, the visible line created by the horse’s again.

High weight – the excessive weight in a race.

Totalizator – an intricate machine that sells betting tickets, information whole of straight win, place, and present swimming pools, and retains observe of quantity guess on every horse within the tree classes; reveals odds to win on every horse within the area and full payoffs after the end.

Tote board – the digital totalizator show within the infield, which presents up-to-the -minute odds. It additionally might present the quantities wagered in every mutuel pool in addition to data on jockey and tools modifications, and so forth.

Observe bias – a racing floor that appears to favor a selected operating model, corresponding to front-running, or place, such because the rail.

Observe document – quickest time at varied distances made at a selected course.

Trifecta – a wager through which the bettor should choose the primary three finishers in a race in precise order.

Trifecta field – a trifecta wager through which all doable combos utilizing a given variety of horses are guess upon.

Turf – grass versus grime racing surfaces; when capitalized in a sentence, denotes your complete racing trade.

Flip downs – rear sneakers which are turned down three-quarters of an inch on the ends to offer higher traction on an off observe. This type of shoe is against the law in some racing jurisdictions.

Underlay – a horse guess at shorter odds than would seem warranted judging by its previous performances.

Walkover – a race through which just one horse competes in any case others are scratched or no different horses are entered.

Washy – when a horse breaks out in a nervous sweat earlier than a race.

Weight-for-age – mounted scale of weights to be carried by horses based on age, intercourse, distance of race, and month.

Wheel – betting all doable combos in an unique wager utilizing a minimum of one horse as the important thing.

Wire-to-wire – to guide in a race from gate to the end line.

Yielding – situation of the turf course with loads of moisture in it inflicting horses to sink into it noticeably.