Birds – Cockatiel Care

A cockatiel is without doubt one of the hottest birds right now. They’re extraordinarily sociable, mild, clever and never very demanding. This makes them fantastic pets even for newcomers. Proudly owning considered one of these birds could be very rewarding and never very arduous work.

Cockatiels are literally a species of parrot. They get their identify from a Dutch phrase, “Kakatielje” meaning little cockatoo. Cockatiels belong to the cockatoo household and originated from Australia. There are numerous shade sorts of cockatiels, together with yellow, grey and white. With the right vitamin, cockatiels will dwell for 15 to twenty years.

Cockatiels are extraordinarily sociable birds. By nature, they’re very mild, docile and solely reasonably lively. These birds have to be performed with, talked to and touched. They are going to attempt to get your consideration by doing methods or singing. They’re typically very completely satisfied cheerful birds. They’re additionally very affectionate and can typically groom your hair. Due to their affectionate nature, they particularly like to be stroked and cuddled. They are going to even put their heads down so that you can stroke them! Cockatiels may be taught to speak and whistle tunes. Nonetheless, their speech isn’t as clear because the bigger parrots. Males are normally extra vocal than the females.

Though cockatiels are from the parrot household, they’re much smaller, quieter, cleaner and chew lower than most different parrots. This makes them nice household pets. When selecting a pet, make it possible for it’s hand-fed in order that will probably be tame and used to individuals. Additionally, you will want to determine whether or not you desire a male or feminine. Females are extra nervous than males, but in addition extra pleasant and affectionate. Males are a little bit extra aggressive however will speak and sing greater than females. Cockatiels aren’t an costly chook.

Cockatiels want a cage no less than 18″ X 18″ X 18″. If they’ll be within the cage loads then you must get a cage no less than 36″ X 18″ X 24″. This can give flying room that he’ll want for train. Attempt to not preserve the cage in a draughty space. It’s best to attempt to let your chook out of the cage as a lot as potential. There are even chook diapers now to stop messes in your home! Due to their intelligence, cockatiels want a lot of psychological stimulation. It’s best to change the toys of their cage each few weeks in order that they will not get bored. Cockatiels do chew on issues, so be sure that the toys you get are protected.

So as to preserve your pet wholesome, it’s crucial that you just preserve them on a great food regimen. Don’t put your chook on an all seed food regimen. Try to get a pellet-based food regimen. If you don’t get a pellet based mostly food regimen, you will want to organize contemporary fruit and veggies day-after-day. Meals which might be good for them embody fruits, greens, cereals, bread and cheese. You may give these as treats when you’ve got your chook on a pellet food regimen. Additionally, cockatiels want between 10 and 12 hours of sleep each night time or they are going to develop into sick.

Cockatiels make nice companions. For those who solely have one, it’ll type a particularly robust bond with you as a result of it’ll suppose you might be its mate. Cockatiels love consideration and are very mild and affectionate. They’re glorious pets.